shooting day tips

GD2R – shooting day tips and tricks

Do not stress about it, be as relaxed as you can and we’ll get good shots done !
Basically, just be yourself !


Dress code tips :

Feel comfortable, feel beautiful, feel sexy.
Accessories (hats, caps, shades, gloves, whatever, …) are welcome.
Again, be yourself on your shooting day!

Do’s and Don’ts – Beauty tips :

– Don’t be hung over (or not too much) 🙂
– Get a good nights sleep
– Drink a lot (of water!)
– Eat healthy food, no diet
– Exercise a bit and relax the night before

What about makeup for a shooting session ?

– Please avoid sunbathing or using tanning lotions
– Have clean hair and groomed eyebrows
– Don’t cut your hair on the shooting day and please no ‘out of space’ hairdo (unless it really is ‘you’)
– Tired eyes? Try some Aloe Vera oil
– Have dark (black?) or stronger red lipstick and some gloss always on hand
– Don’t worry too much about makeup or blemishes

In any case, try to accent your best features (you should know them) and choose your look accordingly.

More than anything, enjoy the experience.
It will be great fun!

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